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Lead with Innovation

Integrity-Infused Excellence: Delivering Client Delight Through Sustainable Innovation.


We believe honesty and integrity are the two cornerstones of doing business, and our clients can hold us accountable. As a team, we are committed to meeting our deadlines and completing each project at the agreed time and according to specifications.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to always exceed client expectations by being as equally invested in every project as the client. With all hands on deck, we not only intend to deliver based on our client’s specifications but also to ensure excellence in the delivery.

Sustainable Innovation

We focus our innovations on their social and environmental impact as well as corporate governance to ensure they stand the test of time. We are committed to eco-friendly innovations and improving our client's quality of life.

Our Services

Land and Property Sales

Buildzone offers a wide range of land and property options for sale, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Digital savings and housing finance

Buildzone’s platform enables individuals to digitally save and accumulate funds specifically for housing purposes, facilitating their journey towards homeownership.

Agro land solutions

Buildzone offers land parcels suitable for agricultural purposes, providing opportunities for individuals interested in agribusiness or farming ventures.

Repeating customers
Loyal customers
Years of Experience
Projects at Work

Buildzone Solutions and Allied Company Limited is a reputable real estate firm based in Lagos, Nigeria, renowned for providing comprehensive housing solutions to a diverse clientele.

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident through our subsidiaries, each catering to specific market segments while maintaining a unified vision.

With expertise and positive core values, your ultra-modern expectations in Lands, Estate development, Building Constructions, Residential and Commercial properties will be met with us.

We are revolutionizing the real estate industry through innovative technology solutions as a property technology company in Africa.

Our Story

"From a childhood dream of creating homes filled with love and unity, Buildzone emerged with a mission to revolutionize Africa's real estate sector. With 20+ years of innovation and research, Buildzone (formerly Cytek) was founded in 2013. As Cytek Global, we gained expertise through projects, leading to Buildzone Enterprises, delivering 2000+ housing units and 5 impactful projects.

Driven by a passion for families, Buildzone evolved into Buildzone Solutions in 2023—a full-fledged Property Technology (PropTech) firm. Our focus is on innovative solutions for pressing real estate challenges, especially Africa's housing deficit. Buildzone Housing Solutions excels in retailing, residential & commercial construction, property sales, and estate development. With 2000+ housing units built, we're committed to uplifting families. Our Buildzone Affordable program aids low to medium-income earners in realizing their property dreams with financial support.

Experience the transformation, join us in shaping a better tomorrow."

Collins Osayi
CEO, Buildzone Housing Solutions

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Through a unique combination of Technology, engineering and design disciplines and expertise, we'll help with your projects.

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