Buildzone Housing Solutions (BHS) is a real estate company that specializes in land and property sales, building constructions, residential and commercial rentals, and estate development. As a company with a mission to advance living standards across Nigeria, we not only adopt technology and innovative solutions but also infuse them into our work culture.

Buildzone Housing Solutions is built upon a solid foundation of family expertise in real estate development. It is the dream of a child who has been living in the retail building space operated by his father since he was eleven, keenly observing how building materials transform into architectural masterpieces and homes for people.

After gaining many years of experience, building trust, and learning about the retail and wholesale of building merchandise, BHS became a reality in 2018 after purchasing properties in Lagos and Edo states.

The company was incorporated on the 16th of April 2019 by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under registration number RC15767263. BHS started as the dream of one man, Collins Osayi; however, the company has gained interest over the years from stakeholders such as Kelechi Osayi. Geographically, BHS started in the heart of Edo State, Benin City, and further expanded to the suburban area of Lagos State.

We have completed 2000+ structures in Benin, Lagos, Delta, and Abuja; 5+ Years of construction & management; and 28 projects across the country with the primary goal of customer satisfaction and exceptional service.

At BHS, our project confidence stems from excellent track records and company core values. In the words of Femi Otedola, “matching words with action is the hallmark of integrity,” and we have never failed in this regard.

We at BHS are set to announce one of our groundbreaking, exciting projects, the best and first of its kind in the Nigerian real estate industry. It is hinged on our focus on maintaining pure family values by building a safe and secured community for elites.

Our offices are located in the following cities:

Lagos: Unit 14, Trocadero Square Mall, CBD, C & I Leasing Dr. Avenue, Lekki, Lagos State

Benin: Edin city, Irhirhi/Ebo Road, off Airport Road Benin City, Edo State.

Get more information on our properties or how to invest in them via:

Telephone: 0817 000 0085, 0809 855 5552, 0809 855 5554, 0809 855 5559

Email –