As Nigeria’s economy continues to diversify, the state of Edo is emerging as a hub for technology, agriculture, real estate, and industry. Edo State is a prime location for investors looking for high-growth opportunities. With a population of over 4 million and a rapidly expanding economy, Edo state boasts a strategic location, abundant natural resources, a favorable investment climate, and innovative developmental initiatives that make it an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Edo State has attracted over $1.2 billion in foreign investments in recent years. Confirming its growing reputation as a viable investment destination that offers many opportunities for investors looking to establish a foothold in Nigeria.

The state Governor, His Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki had an insightful conversation with the CEO of Buildzone, Mr. Collins Osayi at the just concluded Edo investment summit.

The Edo Innovation Hub is one of the most exciting developments in the state. Established by the state government, the hub is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists working to develop innovative solutions to local problems. With a focus on digital solutions and emerging technologies, the hub is driving growth and attracting investment to the state.

Another major development in the state is the Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS system is a powerful tool that provides detailed information on the state’s resources, demographics, and infrastructure. It is a valuable resource for investors looking to identify opportunities in the state and make informed decisions about investment strategies.

CEO of Buildzone Housing Solutions, Mr. Collins Osayi at the Foreign Direct investment intelligence stand at a conference in France

In addition to technology and innovation, the state is home to a thriving agricultural industry. The Presco and Total Joint Venture is a prime example of the state’s potential in agriculture. The partnership is aimed at the production of rubber in large quantities. With the world’s increasing demand for rubber, the partnership is poised to make significant contributions to the state’s economy and to the rubber industry as a whole.

The state’s solid minerals sector also has vast untapped potential, with opportunities for investment in the mining and processing of minerals such as gold, granite, and marble. Moreover, the state’s agricultural sector is a significant contributor to its gross domestic product (GDP), with the production of oil palm, rubber, cocoa, and other cash crops. The palm oil industry in Edo State is dominated by Presco and Okomu Oil Palm Company. Presco is one of the largest palm oil plantations in Nigeria and one of the largest in Africa, with over 23,000 hectares of oil palm plantation

The real estate sector in Edo state is also experiencing rapid growth, with a large number of new projects underway. From luxury apartments to commercial developments, the sector offers a range of opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the state’s growing economy. As the population continues to grow, demand for housing and commercial space expects to increase, making the real estate sector an attractive prospect for foreign investors.

Fortunately, there are organizations such as Buildzone Housing Solutions that are working tirelessly to bridge this gap and create a more favorable environment for businesses and residents.

Buildzone Housing Solutions plans to establish a business model that allows civil servants, corporate workers, and the general public to build or buy their dream homes. This initiative is in line with the company’s drive to give back to its host community and close the housing deficit gap in Africa one city at a time.

Mr. Collins Osayi, CEO of Buildzone Housing Solutions at a presentation on How France drove Foreign Direct Investment in the Real Estate Industry at the MIPIM conference, 2023.

While Edo State is rich in opportunities. It is important to note that there are also challenges that needs to be addressed. One of the most pressing issues is security. However, the state government has taken steps to address this issue through various initiatives and partnerships. For example, the state government has partnered with security agencies to deploy new technologies and training to enhance security across the state.

Another important initiative in the state is the Federation of Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). The FNCCI is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and support the growth of businesses in the state. Through advocacy, networking, and capacity building, the FNCCI is helping to create a more favorable environment for businesses in the state.

The cement industry is also a major player in the state’s economy. With a number of major players such as Dangote Cement and BUA Cement, the industry has a significant impact on the state’s GDP. As the demand for cement continues to increase, the industry expects to see further growth in the coming years.

In conclusion, Edo state is a prime location for investors looking for high-growth opportunities in Nigeria. With a focus on innovation, agriculture, real estate, and industry, the state offers a wealth of opportunities for investors looking to establish a foothold in the country.

Buildzone’s real estate project in Edo State offers profitable investment opportunities and a chance to provide affordable housing while contributing to the state’s economic growth. Investors can capitalize on the state’s potential and mitigate challenges with the right investment strategy and partnerships that could drive growth for years to come.